Help Me Bring the Fight to Washington

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As you know, the United States Soccer Federation presidential election is over. Despite a disappointing outcome for all of us who’d hoped for change, I’m excited for what lies ahead.

I’ve partnered with Sports Fans Coalition to continue the push for change. We very much share the same goals—I’m writing to you today to explain what we’re up to and why we need your help.

The election was one of the toughest fights I’ve been in, and definitely one of the most important. I remain inspired and grateful to the many people who stood with me, the incredible men and women doing the hard work that it takes to make our soccer nation great. And especially you, the fans—I wish all of you could’ve voted, we surely would have won!

Through the entire election process, I was confronted with the Federation’s deep-rooted problems involving governance, organizational transparency and deep conflicts of interest. Under the new President, nothing will change. USSF will continue to prioritize profit over progress, but I don’t intend to remain silent.

I will keep fighting—for equal pay, the future of our sport, and for everyone who deserves better from a Federation that has failed us. The USSF must be held accountable to its duty to serve all of its members. Every boy and girl, every adult, every Paralympian, every deaf athlete, every futsal player and every other constituent of the game has equal opportunity to play. The fans deserve an inclusive Federation.

This is why I am calling upon the Commerce Committee of the United States Senate to immediately convene a hearing to hold the Federation accountable for its actions and to protect the future of our beautiful game.

Join me in this important fight.

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