Civil Rights Activist Michael Skolnik Backs Hope for U.S. Soccer President

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The New York Times described Michael Skolnik “the man you go to if you want to leverage the power of celebrity and the reach of digital media to soften the ground for social change.”

He’s also the most recent American thought leader to put his support behind Hope Solo for president of U.S. Soccer. The text of his official endorsement follows below.

January 5, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

As an activist and storyteller, I have dedicated my life’s work to fighting for a more equitable society. As the father of a four year old boy who likes to kick the ball around in the house, I am proud that he tells me that when he grows up he wants to be Hope Solo. She might be a friend, but she is also a role model for our son.

Hope is a fearless leader. The global community has seen this on the soccer field, and I see this in her passion and advocacy for women and socio-economic diversity in US soccer. Her compassion, tenacity, and spirit for equality within the sport is admirable. She is someone who knows and has experienced the faults of the system first-hand. Diversity and inclusion are the most productive ways to drive change, both in society, and, as Hope knows, within the soccer community.

As a society, it is our greatest responsibility to lift up those who are fighting for others – those who are fighting to give others a voice. Hope Solo, as President of the United States Soccer Federation, would have the greatest platform to make a positive impact, not only in the US soccer community, but around the world, as she is dedicated to bringing equity into the sports world.

Accessibility and inclusion are keys to building success – success in communities, culture and organizations. I have absolute confidence that Hope is the person who can transform the United States Soccer Federation into a more successful organization. One that encourages socio-economic diversity, accessibility and inclusion. One that invests in its players, specifically those who cannot afford the expensive sport of soccer. One that ardently strives to make the sport equitable for the talented and extraordinary women athletes who cultivate such a strong fan base.

With absolute certainty, I endorse Hope Solo to be elected the next president of the United States Soccer Federation.


Michael Skolnik

Download a PDF of Skolnik’s endorsement letter.

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