In Visit to Dublin’s One-Zero, Hope Backs Irish Women

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Hope Solo was in Dublin this past week as one of the featured guests at One-Zero, a conference that explores the future in sports in all its myriad forms.

At the conference, Hope was outspoken in her support of Ireland’s women’s national soccer team, and its quest for equal treatment. As reported by the Independent:

“You look at what the Republic of Ireland did, it’s incredible. I think everyone needs to give them a round of applause and they had the support of the public and a huge fan base here.

“They had to put their foot down against the federations to get only what is considered basic rights; hotel wi-fi, attire, bonuses; but it never would have happened if they didn’t put their foot down.

“That’s why I really look up to the women of Ireland who realised that in order to get power you have to take it.”

In addition to attending the conference, Hope also had the privilege of meeting one of Ireland’s female soccer stars.


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