Inspired by Father Zerai, Hope Launched a Campaign to Help Refugees

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For nearly the past two weeks, Hope Solo has run a charity apparel campaign with Represent, hoping to raise money to help educate refugees in need. While many people have made purchases to support the cause, other have wondered: Why has Hope taken up this cause specifically?

This isn’t the first charity campaign Hope has run with Represent; others have helped generate funds for Girl Up, Soccer Without Borders, and more.

But Hope’s desire to help refugees—the focus of this campaign—came from meeting Father Mussie Zerai at the One Young World international conference in 2015. Zerai, as documented in this story by the New Yorker, runs AHCS Habeshia, an agency based in Italy that is helping hundreds of thousands of refugees escape horrible conditions in repressive countries, and start new lives.

During a recent trip to Italy, Hope and her husband, Jerramy, were reunited with Father Zerai.

They were both so moved that when they returned to the United States, they decided that their next fundraising effort would be to help Father Zerai and AHCS Habeshia. Working with Represent, they launched a parody campaign entitled “Rebellions Are Built on Hope.”

The campaign is nearing its end, but you can still help make a difference by purchasing a shirt or hat now. Help Father Zerai and the refugees he’s working so hard to rescue!

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