Hope Is on Her Way Back

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After enduring a complete shoulder replacement a few months ago, it’s been a relentless schedule of rehab for Hope Solo.

Clearly, things are paying off.

Toward the end of January, Hope posted two videos to Instagram to update fans on her progress. The first showed her using a lat pulldown machine, displayed what she described as the most flexibility she has had in years.

Just days later, Hope posted a video of her working out with her longtime goalkeeping trainer, Ben Dragavon.

While Hope’s playing future remains underdetermined as of yet, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the world’s best goalkeeper will eventually be back.



  1. John James March 5, 2017 at 4:16 pm - Reply

    Never post comments but love soccer and women’s soccer too much to say nothing. Coached girls and boys and mixed for years AYSO, CASL etc. Hope Solo… the greatest GK of all time!! Size, cat quick, always focused, unflinching courage and cool under the most intense pressure…
    I hope the off-field stuff hasn’t caused too much pain in her and her loved one’s life but basically none of my business..

    Only know it adds to her rep as the biggest bad ass of all and tells everyone if you come into my area you can count on having to deal with all of that!! Wishing her well in her comeback. The US National GK position should be hers to lose. And I havent seen anyone even close to her class. The class of greatness!! Of only once in a generation or two of pure GREATNESS!!!
    C’mon Jill Ellis …..Get out of the way!!! You are just a coach…… Hope!! You Go girl!!!

  2. Jinnie April 17, 2017 at 11:41 pm - Reply

    Totally agree. Wish that Hope was back.

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