Hope Backs New Zealand’s Abby Erceg

Hope has been one the leading advocates for equal treatment for female athletes, so when she sees a peer in need, she lends her voice. That's what happened when Abby Erceg, one of the stars of New Zealand's national team, declared recently that she was retiring from international competition. Erceg explained the situation in an [...]

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Big News for Carli, Hope

It was a week of good news for Hope Solo and her longtime friend, Carli Lloyd. First, Carli made headlines by announcing that she joining the women's side of Manchester City, one of the best teams in England's Premier League. Hope found out while traveling in Italy, where she was visiting Fiorentina's women's squad. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQi3dUPAGEP/ [...]

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Fiorentina Welcomes Hope to Watch Women’s Team

AC Fiorentina, one of the standard bearers of Italy's premier soccer league, welcomed Hope last week to be part of a historic season. Fiorentina became the first team in Serie A to field a women's team, and Hope and husband Jerramy were lucky enough to be present as the club's guests. She thanked Fiorentina and [...]

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Hope Is on Her Way Back

After enduring a complete shoulder replacement a few months ago, it's been a relentless schedule of rehab for Hope Solo. Clearly, things are paying off. Toward the end of January, Hope posted two videos to Instagram to update fans on her progress. The first showed her using a lat pulldown machine, displayed what she described [...]

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